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Our turf range

Find a turf below to suit your specific uses, site conditions and budget.

1General amenity turf

The all rounder of our range. Looks good with minimal maintenance. Tough and hardwearing.

2Ornamental lawn turf

If you want the wow factor this is the turf for you. Fine leaved and very dense. On the downside it does require a little more care than the amenity turf. But put in the effort and your neighbours will be green with envy!

3Drought tolerant

A relative newcomer to the turf world. This turf has an incredible long root system, and can tolerate long periods of drought. Quite broad leaved, so not suitable if you want an ornamental type appearance. But on the plus side it will retain its dark green colour when others start to struggle.

4Heavy wear turf

Really tough and ideal for small gardens that need to withstand heavy foot fall from children and pets.

5Shade tolerant turf

North facing garden? Lawn shaded by buildings or trees? This turf could be the one for you! As it copes well with minimal sunlight.

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